Monsieur PAUL Gallery of Photographic Art

Is the title of the photographic work in an integral exhibition of 60 photographs *.
A Collection of portraits of Monsieur Paul Bocuse.
Twenty Years of Photographic Fellowship with Mister PAUL, images representing his attitudes, his culinary gestures, his times of
rest, his moments of fishing and hunting, with his friends ... On the contest area and the proclamation of the results
of the Bocuse d'Or ...
The Complete Collection bears witness to history and gastronomy over 20 years.
This collection only makes sense through the collection of works in the context of the art object itself. She
is a coherent, true unit of reference in the gastronomic history of Monsieur Paul Bocuse. All these works
are in relation and allow us to apprehend the coherence of the course. Live emotions, sensations,
experiences of authenticity, wonders. Share with others his reactions, understand by
the direct confrontation with the dimensions and the materiality of these visuals; the importance of the selection made in
this Collection links the events of this story.
"Chefs Collection tribute to Monsieur Paul ®" can be likened as a whole to a Work of Photographic Art
in its own right.